We are always looking for good people and we welcome applications. Please see our vacancies.
If you would like to send us your CV, please sent it to:


To apply for an internship, please send your CV to:

Please read our requirements carefully. Besides functional requirements described in vacancies.

our general requirements are as follows:

  1. We value the company's team and work spirit. We exclusively work in teams and we expect you to join a team and contribute with showing responsibility to our customers, the company's duties and to your co-workers. If you not had the chance to learn to work within a team, we expect you to be interested and motivated to learn those skills.

  2. We do not require you to be expert in all of today's technologies. But we require a willingness to constantly update yourself. We expect you to be motivated to learn new technologies and techniques, to try them out and to apply them.

  3. We keep the high quality working standards that our customers expect. We require all of our employees to follow the company's work processes and the processes of our customers. If you are a developer, we expect you to write clear code after common coding standards, or the willingness to learn these standards and apply them in your work.

  4. Our customers are mainly abroad, and we expect you to show good English skills. The English level will depend on your position.

  5. We appreciate candidates who are interested in starting to work at our company as soon as possible.


6a. For Junior positions, our requirements are:

  • basic English skills (speaking, and understanding materials)

  • An undergraduate academic degree in a relevant field: Bachelor of Science / Engineering / Computing

  • Newly graduates are welcome!


6b. For Senior positions, our requirements are:

  • good English skills, you should be able to read and write materials. If you can directly interact with our customers abroad, that is a plus.

  • At least 3 years experience in software development

  • Proven analysis and design skills

  • Experiences in a team leading position are a plus.

6c. For leading positions, our requirements are:

  • Requirements for Senior positions, additionally:

  • Ability to do planning for a group

  • Ability to establish authority and work procedures in a group

  • Ability to track the work progress for a group.

  • Ability to keep people motivated and enthusiastic, and morale of the team high

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